Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barbeque Turkey Recipe!!

Whole Barbecue Turkey Recipe
This barbecue turkey recipe is for the full bird so you’ll need to prepare your barbecue for a monster cookout - it’ll take about 4 hours.
If at all possible buy either a wild turkey or an organic one, it’s not just about animal welfare, the meat tastes better too! Certainly the best way to ensure a perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas meal.
In order to keep the Turkey fully moist it’s essential to use an indirect cooking method.
I hear this is the best equipment for this recipe a kamado barbecue. Christmas is coming. I need a blue one.. Hint hint..
So medium coals, indirect heat, drip tray in the bottom with a couple of tablespoons of water and off we go.
The seasoning is pretty simple, just sprinkle with salt and pepper and have some oil & butter mix on hand to start the basting process. Melt 100g / 4 oz of butter in a pot and add a tablespoon of oil – this baste will give all the flavour of the butter without burning it.
Work on a relatively small bird around 9 – 12 lbs, season and baste and then lay breast side up on the barbecue. It may be necessary to use foil to shield the sides but that really depends on your barbecue. Put the cover on, cook at 225°F and baste every 30 minutes or so with your butter / oil mix and 3½ hours later you should have the perfect barbecue Turkey.
Test it with a skewer for clear running juice or a use a thermometer and if it needs another 30 minutes then so be it.
I will be trying this recipe for Thanksgiving, God willing. Wish me luck!!

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